Replay Team Championship Profiles! (Part 2)

The Replay bandarq online Team Championship is in progress! Week one has finished, however there’s still a lot of time to climb the positions to the quarter-finals. Find out about the following fifteen groups who are taking part in this occasion.

This is section two of three. Groups are recorded arranged by enlistment.

Lea’s J Bros

Players: jessieggg, Johnwsal, Bearlea50

South African Aces

Players: _Matthew_, Shana-V, Shil0h

Profile: If you speculated this group is from South Africa, you’d be correct! These companions and partners were acquainted with the webpage by Shana, and they appreciate playing against one another both on the web and off. “What we as a whole discovered accomplishment from on this site is always being misconceived because of our positions and to what extent we were playing here for, just to refute them!” group skipper _Matthew_ says. “We are going to convey that forward into this competition and expectation we can do our nation and ourselves glad!”


Players: newmrchib, sugarfoot414, heyortin

Profile: Like a portion of our different groups, these three players met up in the “Discover a Team” string in our gathering. While heyortin and newmrchib have played together on past locales, sugarfoot414 turned into another companion from the gathering. The long-term poker players are currently coaching her and trust in a solid completion in the occasion. “I picked the group name,” newmrchib called attention to, “as it appeared to be suitable since we truly don’t have any acquaintance with each other.”

Trump card

Players: BipolarBearAH, Wolfie98290, xrogerthatx

Profile: These companions chose to collaborate together in light of the fact that they welcome each other’s playstyles and their abilities are integral. The name originates from group commander BipolarBearAH’s most loved Motorhead melody, and they’re holding their valued information carefully shrouded, not parting with any procedure!

All In Team

Players: ionelsc, LadyCon, vnvnvn

Profile: These three companions got together after vnvnvn started the thought, and group skipper ionelsc brought LadyCon on board. They intend to utilize persistence, rival information, and dauntlessness to end up as the winner. Concerning the name, ionelsc educates us: “Wager is the most significant thing in poker; cards come next!”


Players: NolaBruce, chuckcox, crosby63

Profile: After playing in a Replay Poker association together, alongside being Astral regulars, these players realized they needed to collaborate. The name originates from group chief NolaBruce’s work in Information Technology, where he’s driven proficient groups. “We have a blend of styles and the capacity to recoup from a terrible beat,” NolaBruce clarifies. “Every player is focused and needs to win, win, win.”


Players: C1ueless, kcorbee, lbnitehawk

Profile: Team skipper C1ueless needed to join a group, not lead one! Be that as it may, he needed to locate a strong group and wound up getting together kcorbee and lbnitehawk from the Replay Poker discussion. Frenzy was conceived out of kcorbee’s thought, and they intend to trample the challenge! “We will put forth a valiant effort to outsmart different groups with our experience and shrewd at the tables,” C1ueless says, certain about his group. “Our procedure is extremely basic. We will play to win and hope to receive the benefits toward the finish of the competition.” (He admits that last part is facetious.)

The Breakfast Club

Players: Matchstk, Sassy_Sarah, bahia7

Profile: These colleagues have played in comparative advancements, and every one of them appreciate changing their methodologies dependent on what the occasions call for. They’ve been each other’s team promoters, offering uplifting statements as they climb the positions. “We share an inclination for 80s music and popular culture,” group commander Matchstk says of their name. “The Breakfast Club is surely a great motion picture from that time (‘I heard a fuss!’ ‘Would you be able to portray the furor, sir?’).” Matchstk says he can’t reveal their privileged insights, however there will be cunning, backtalk, and energy engaged with catching others’ chips!

The Replay Professionals

Players: Shakeraise, Chasetheriver, GoldenDonkey

Profile: Recognize these players? They’re the COO, Poker Operations Manager, and Global Promotions Manager of Replay Poker! Watch out, as they’ll be a serious power to beat. Every one of them has played live poker expertly and they’ve utilized their insight to better the site. On the off chance that you appreciate the Replay Team Championship, give them a yell, as they’ve all taken part in making the advancement what it is!


Players: Starkiller, Stephstars, Medvin

Profile: Starkiller and Stephstars don’t simply share stars for all intents and purpose — they’ve been companions since they met on Replay. Group commander Starkiller values Stephstars’ aptitudes and frame of mind, and realized he needed him as a colleague. They expedited Medvin, another companion of Stephstars’, and Empire was conceived. The name originates from Starkiller’s Darth Vader symbol. “We’ll attempt to play the most strong poker that we can, attempting to adjust our extents and not be unsurprising,” Starkiller says. “The most significant part about the group is that we as a whole get along and have a fabulous time together.”

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