Truth is stranger than fiction, for by far most of clients they experience no reactions. That is the general purpose of SARMs, to help accomplish steroid like advantages yet without the symptoms of steroids.


I for one know just 1 individual who experience a reaction (slight shut down), and that was on the grounds that he took high dosages (over whats prescribed) and like a bonehead didn’t take a PCT (post cycle treatment) after his multi week cycle.


Folks Ligandrol is extremely incredible, that is the reason you have to regard it and not manhandle it.


Be mindful and take the right dose and take a PCT after your cycle and you wont encounter any sides.


The PCT I Recommend


Kindly don’t be untrustworthy and help yourself out, take a PCT!


I prescribe RED-PCT 2.0, It’s the one I generally use after my cycle.


I feel extraordinary on it.


It keeps me safe and it helps concrete my benefits after a cycle.


On the off chance that you have any inquiries on it and PCT when all is said in done look at this PCT direct I made on PCT explicitly.


Safe and Correct Ligandrol Dosage


For the best outcomes while at the same time remaining safe, I prescribe 10mg to 20mg of Ligandrol once day by day for 12 weeks.


In the event that this is your first time cycling Ligandrol start with 10mg for the initial a month and increment the portion to 20mg for the staying two months.


For your subsequent cycle and on, do the whole 12 weeks at 20mg every day. has a quite long half-life (around 30 hours) so you just need to take it once every day.


It’s significant that you enjoy a reprieve of about two months (after PCT) before beginning another cycle of Ligandrol.


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